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Sabina Chege trolled for launching makeshift bridge
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Feb 01, 2019 at 12:00 EAT
Construction of the bridge

Some asked her to lobby funds from the County Government to put up a lasting project 

A section of Murang’a residents lauded her effort saying it was a step in the right direction

Muran'ga woman representative Sabina Chege was on Thursday trolled for launching a makeshift wooden bridge in Gitugi, Murang’a County.

The legislator took to social media to post photos of the bridge saying it would serve to connect Kiawanduma and Gitugi after several complaints had been lodged by residents.

“The wait is over now…It is a new dawn for residents of Kiawanduma/Iyego and Gitugi. They have been walking and sometimes riding very far due to lack of a connecting bridge between these two villages.

“Many school going children had to risk their lives by swimming across the river to and fro school. It is unfortunate that some had been swallowed up by its surging waters,” she said.

Adding: “My team joined the affected community in putting up a footbridge to ease movement. Touching and transforming lives remains my clarion call.”

This was, however, not received well by netizens who thought Sabina could have done better.

Some asked her to lobby funds from the County Government to put up a lasting project while others said the bridge would become a death trap.

A section of Murang’a residents lauded her effort saying it was a step in the right direction but others were adamant that it was a mere PR exercise.

Here are some of the comments:

“However noble the idea and deed was, whichever amount of pity you had for the residents, there was a better way of doing it. For instance you could have lobbied for funds from either the County govt or National govt and do a more lasting project, you could have done a steel fabricated footbridge or a concrete one and then keep quiet and wait for God's blessings.”

“Madam rep this is a death trap to your people. Just pull down this post. At your level you should not post such!”

“Thank you for building a humongous, world class bridge for the peolple of this area! We shall request De Mathew to compose a song in your honour!”

“Sabina you can't be serious you can oversee installation of mugogo and come here as if you moved the river at this era???? 

“We support you but on this you are alone!”

One was, however, supportive saying: “Anyone dying of Hunger would appreciate any meal given to them even if it's not " Your favourite " I mean your not " Their "

“Anyone without a place to call home would appreciate any kind of a home given to them. Hon Sabina offered a Temporary bridge to offer a solution temporarily before offering a permanent solution that may take a bit longer...

“You as a Kenyan can also fundraise for money for that bridge and offer a solution within the status that you would want. You cannot fight everything yet you are offering nothing…”

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