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Dear dead beat mothers and fathers who neglect their children, this is what you're missing
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Dec 10, 2018 at 11:10 EAT
A child clinging onto her father

Children are willing students who can learn from your experiences

We have a lot of hurting adults who grew up neglected by their parents

1. A chance to change for the better

Children have a way of changing adults to become more responsible, more focused, more intentional and more productive with time. Don't run away from your child.

2. A chance to make things right
If getting a child was not planned, running away will not help. Committing to raising the child will help you align the path you walk.

3. A chance to impact 
A child comes into your life like clay for you to mound and mentor him/her to be the best. Don't deny yourself this opportunity because it is your responsibility. Raise your child to impact generations.

4. A chance to think beyond yourself
Parenthood will require you to be selfless. Please don't let an innocent child go neglected just because you are self-centered.

5. A chance to build your legacy
Children offer you a chance to make someone proud to be associated with you, they willingly submit and honor the direction of their parents. When you leave this world, they will carry your memories and honor.

6. A chance to heal the world
We have a lot of hurting adults who grew up neglected by their parents. Hurt adults end up lost and hurting others until they find healing and sometimes healing takes years. You have a chance to make sure your child doesn't grow up feeling "Dad/mom was never there for me when I needed a parent the most".

7. A chance to share your lessons 
Children are willing students who can learn from your experiences. Don't reject the transfer of knowledge.

8. A chance to live fulfilled
In as much as you try to act tough and don't care when you know there is a child out there you helped bring into this world but you reject or neglect him/her; it will hurt you deep inside leaving you empty and with a corrupted soul. Being responsible will restore you.

9. A chance to make things right with god
God does not take kindly adults who abandon children. Make things right with God. You were blessed with a child/children, be a blessing to that blessing.

© Dayan Masinde

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