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Former top Government official facing corruption charges to join politics
By Standard Reporter | Updated Nov 29, 2018 at 22:29 EAT

An embattled former top government official who is facing corruption charges has decided to join politics

The ex-official has been meeting delegations of people from his county at his rural home

An embattled former top Government official who is facing corruption charges appears to have finally made up his mind to join politics.

For the past one month, the ex-official of a key department has been meeting delegations of people from his county at his rural home.

Although the man has not declared which seat he is going for, speculation is rife that he may go for the Governor’s post.

The top boss of the county where the sacked individual comes from will not be defending his seat, after doing his mandatory two-year term.

Many people are waiting to see whether he will go public about his future aspirations.

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