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4 reasons why he lost interest in you within a week
By Brian Rop | Updated Sep 22, 2018 at 09:42 EAT
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It has become a joke that if a man tries to hit on a lady, and she does not feel his vibe, all she has to do is ask for money

There’s something morally unnerving when you see a drunk lady

Men do not ask too much from ladies. Being female is just enough. A wise man, who I guess descended from the lineage of Koitalel Arap Samoei, once said that ladies dress to compete with each other.

Simply, they need to emerge on top of the ecosystem. In truth, no man cares about it. But then there are things that men find unattractive.

Asking for money even before you get to know each other

It has become a joke that if a man tries to hit on a lady, and she does not feel his vibe, all she has to do is ask for money. A man will most likely retreat and find another target. However, it does not mean that a lady should not ask for money. A man’s got to take care of some bills, or someone else will.

You’ve barely met, and all too suddenly her life revolves are you. She becomes homeless, and an orphan, asking for money every opportunity she gets. Men are supposed to take care of things but in that scenario, the lady will morph into an ogre no matter how beautiful she is. A man will find excuses, including switching off his phone just to avoid such women.

Selective feminism

The social setting has moved so far away from the traditional setup, where women’s roles were confined to the kitchen and bringing up children. Strides have been made concerning women rights, where they can now go to school, get jobs, and vie for leadership positions. Even with these strides, feminists are still selective on what to fight for and what not. For example, paying bills. A feminist will complain about why she was not served first but will not touch on the bill. It’s a man’s job, they say.

Using drugs

By drugs I mean the legal ones, that is alcohol and cigarettes. There’s something morally unnerving when you see a drunk lady. It is a manifestation of moral bankruptcy. There’s nothing wrong with ladies taking alcohol provided that they don’t lose their faculties. Also, there are men more than willing to buy a lady alcohol, knowing that he may take advantage of her when she’s drunk. That and smoking make a lady quite unattractive.

Too much social media

There’s nothing wrong with social media. What is wrong is the ‘standards’ that it has set among people. You can’t post a picture in the same location, or the same outfit for you to be accepted into the dungeons of celebrity-hood. Almost always someone who is a star in these virtual grounds will want someone who can improve their status. Perhaps that’s why many have no qualms dating old men. I don’t know about others, but I am willing to take a disclaimer, ladies who are overzealous on leading social media lifestyles are quite unattractive.

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