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Court jails Kenyan woman 15 years for killing husband
By Daniel Chege | Updated Sep 20, 2018 at 17:26 EAT

A woman has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing her husband

Leah Wairimu, a mother of three, was found guilty of stabbing Francis Ngene to death

A woman was on Thursday sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing her husband.

Leah Wairimu, a mother of three, was found guilty of stabbing Francis Ngene to death.

Justice Joel Ngugi said the evidence adduced by the prosecution was sufficient to sentence Wairimu, and that the sentence was appropriate for the offence.

“I have carefully considered comparable cases where the brutality of the attack was higher and the level of calculation more significant. I also considered mitigation in that the accused person demonstrated remorse. She is a first offender, a mother of three children of tender years and she has been in custody for two years,” Justice Ngugi said.

He added: "The upshot is that after taking into account all factors, I hereby sentence the accused person to imprisonment for 15 years for the homicide."

The charge sheet read that on February 13, 2013, at Rhonda estate in Nakuru County, Wairimu murdered Ngene by stabbing him.

According to the deceased's co-workers, Wairimu had gone to the stall where Ngene was selling cigarettes and the couple started quarrelling.

The quarrel turned into a fight and the woman held her husband by the collar, pulled a knife from her pocket and stabbed Ngene once in the chest.

Titus Ngulungu, who conducted a postmortem on the body, testified during the trial.

“Upon conducting an external examination of the body, I found an incision wound at the pericardium, and the cardiac sac was filed with clotted blood. I opine that the cause of death is a single stab wound to the chest,” said Dr Ngulungu

In her sworn defence, Wairimu told the court that she used to cohabit with Ngene and that on the day of the attack she was drinking while at work.

“We were separated at the time. The deceased chased me after I ignored him. He began to beat me. He threw me on the ground and stepped on me. He took a knife and wanted to stab me but in self-defence I took it from him and stabbed him,” she testified.

But State Counsel Amos Chigiti urged the court to reject Wairimu's testimony, saying she had fabricated the story and had not submitted any evidence to support her claims.

“The defence is not persuasive because the version narrated by the accused was not put to any of the witnesses. The accused made up her own tale. If the accused claims that the deceased threw her to the ground and stepped on her, she ought to have sustained injuries or bruises from the assault,” argued Mr Chigiti.

Wairimu was given 14 days to appeal.

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