Elani was launched on the same day as my final exam

 Muthoni Kunga is a lawyer and a singer with the Elani trio.

What is your alma mater?

I got an LL.B degree from the University of Nairobi. 

Was law your first choice and do you practice?

At some point I wanted to be a farmer, but I always deeply wanted to be a musician. However, I continue to apply my legal knowledge in my music career. 

What is the misconception that people have about the law course?

There is a misconception that it’s very hard. It is not. While it is a challenging course, I learnt that as long as you apply yourself, as it is with any course, you will do well.

What were you known for in campus?

My music. I would always invite classmates to our shows. At the time, however, we had only done live shows and had no songs out. 

What was the unit you enjoyed most?

I am drawn to the concept of law across the board and have no preference among the course units offered. The logic and concepts of justice that applied to everything always really amazed me. 

Who was your favorite lecturer, and why?

I genuinely did not have one. I always kept my head down when I got into class, learned and left. 

How did you balance between work and study?

I think it’s possible to balance anything as long as you enjoy what you are doing and are willing to dedicate time and effort to it. I created a schedule, worked hard, and delegated when I had to. 

Did you skip any classes?

I did not have a reason to. I lived on campus for a few years so going to class was an issue of walking a short distance. 

Where did you hang out?

In my room, or in my house. There was always so much to do because we were trying to build Elani as a brand. Free time was usually practice time. 

How did you manage your finances in campus?

There wasn’t much finance to manage. There were days when I’d honestly have a queen cake and soda as a meal. I ate in the school, which saved a lot of money. A frugal lifestyle, however, is something that comes easy for me. 

Did you date in campus?

(Laughs)Between Elani and school there was little time for much else. I think my advice on dating is the same as my advice on dating in life in general. Try to pick the right person, be honest and open, communicate and be an upright human being. 

Your best and worst campus experience?

Campus was blissful. My best campus experience was launching our first album on the same day as my final law school exam. There was so much drama and stress, but knowing that I would be able to do something I was passionate about immediately after the end of that exam was one of the best feelings ever. 

Your favorite fashion style?

Comfortable chic. 

Advice to those in school?

Work hard, do your best. Be happy; it’s a great time in life.