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Kenyan asks bold question during Theresa May’s visit
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Aug 31, 2018 at 10:12 EAT
Photo of Raila, Theresa May and President K

Geofrey Ntabo asked why it was so difficult to get a UK visa

His question was promptly answered by Susan Terry who claimed to be a Brit

President Uhuru Kenyatta met UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday and they held a variety of discussions but one Kenyan had a burning question.

In a post shared on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Facebook page, one Geofrey Ntabo asked why it was so difficult to get a UK visa.

“Why is UK so selfish? They colonised us but getting visa going to their country is not easy. Why Mr President? He posed.

His question was promptly answered by Susan Terry who claimed to be a Brit, noting that so many illegal immigrants have been trying to enter the UK, thus the stringent measures.

“I can tell you why Geofrey, I’m a Brit and we have so many illegal immigrants trying to enter the U.K either by stowing away in backs of lorries or on false passports or forged papers.

“It is nothing against you, my rafiki,” she said.

Terry further added that the UK is not the land of milk and honey as many perceive it and they have problems of their own.

“May I just politely just say one thing? The U.K is not the land of milk and honey. Our Cost of Living is High.

“We too have to pay for everything in our taxes. Now we have Brexit Looming! God Help Us,” she concluded.

One of the areas that dominated discussions between President Kenyatta and May was corruption and the two leaders signed an agreement on the framework for the return of assets from corruption and proceeds of crime hidden in off-shore accounts by corrupt individuals.

Britain becomes the third international partner- after Switzerland and Jersey Island - to support Kenya’s war on graft through the signing of agreements aimed at repatriation of assets and monies acquired through corrupt deals back into the country.

While thanking the British Government for its commitment to the fight against graft, President Kenyatta said there was no turning back on the war on corruption and economic crimes adding that the sustained drive was part of his legacy in addition to the Big 4 agenda.

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