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Waititu builds staircase on hill

The County Government of Kiambu is once again on the spot after a recently launched project caused mixed reactions.

The project, a staircase at Karanji in Limuru East ward, is meant to offer an alternative route for school-going kids and locals in the area as the road they often use to Limuru town is impassable during the rainy season.

It, however, divided netizens who could not fathom why the county pumped money into such a project while there are other areas that need urgent attention.

Here are some of the reactions:

That path is only used by pedestrians as a shortcut. There's an alternative road... The staircase will ease the burden of climbing...

— Stanley Kinga (@kinga_stanley) August 12, 2018

Let's get the story straight, the staircase was built for the common mwananchi who treks from Karanjee to Limuru town, the road adjacent is very passable for motors (b2men standard). Stop telling 1/2 truths. Sufferers have been saved years of mud including school kids— DOKTA RUFAS (@Dokta_Rufas) August 12, 2018

How about the disabled!??,,, Imagine someone with a wheelchair ? or there are no disabled people in that area!!?— J M (@jamo_munga) August 12, 2018

How about one thing at a time? The staircase is a step in the right direction. Now tell me how you push a wheelchair up that slope....

— Mûmbi_wa_aGîkûyû (@kamaujst) August 13, 2018

For sure the work is shoddy. I wonder who the engineer is if any (maybe it is Ferdinand himself). The stairs are below grade (soil level), it will soon be covered by soil and back to square 1.— Macan 2019 (@omuonyotieno) August 13, 2018

Ziz zag priorities, salaries not paid, no medicine in hospitals 2m shillings daily for kaa sober amongst many other problems.
Choices have consequences ????— Solomon Karori (@SolomonKarori2) August 12, 2018

I find nothing wrong with the staircase. My problem would have been the cost.
There are many sections in Kiambu , Muranga and Nyeri that require such footpaths.
One area that badly requires such is shortcut joining King'ong'o prison and Nyeri town— Anthony Mwangi (@Anthony17mwangi) August 12, 2018

Ask any civil Engineer. This is a common design for pedestrian walkways on sloping roads. Nothing strange sir.— Eng. Jessy_Kidula (@jessykidula) August 12, 2018

That one is just a shortcut for pedestrians, there are two roads linking up there with this footpath. I lived there for 4yrs.I support @Waititu_Babayao on this.

— Ledama Kiplangat (@kiplangatLedama) August 12, 2018

He is using the step by step approach ...— Omar Bond (@AstronautKE) August 12, 2018

Recently, Thika MP Patrick Wainaina urged Kiambu county to also expand Thika Level 5 Hospital after he found three patients sharing a bed.

During the function (the launch of a CT scan at the hospital) Governor Ferdinand Waititu promised to act swiftly to solve the problem, further stating that he would invest in other projects to make the lives of Kiambu residents better.