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Remain virgins until 26 – DCJ Mwilu advises girls
By Chrispen Sechere | Updated Jul 27, 2018 at 11:16 EAT
Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu

“It is possible to get married at the age of 26 years and still be a virgin,” she said

Mwilu told students that sex at the right time is free and readily available

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu wants high school girls to stop engaging in ‘grown-up activities’ because education and sex do not mix.

The judge urged girls to wait until they turn 26 years and finish school before getting married or engaging in sex.

“It is possible to get married at the age of 26 years and still be a virgin,” she said.

According to Mwilu, finding virgins these days is a rare feat, unlike her days when girls remained pure till marriage. 

“At your age, sex is too dangerous. It could easily lead to pregnancy because your hormones are raging. Avoid drugs and immorality because that’s a path to permanent destruction,” she warned.

Mwilu told students that sex at the right time is free and readily available.

“At that time, you will not have the luxury of saying ‘No’ because it is a right in every marriage,” the DCJ advised during an annual general meeting at St Martha’s Mwitoti Secondary School in Mumias last weekend.

According to Mwilu, the right time for sexual relationships is after employment.

The judge urged the girls to be financially empowered since “it is not automatic that all of you will marry rich men to cater for your needs.”

She added that: “Married women who do not bring anything to the table are not respected by their spouses and this is often a cause of marital problems.”

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According to Mwilu, “Working hard would give you financial freedom, which will help you become a self-sufficient citizen that everyone would admire,” said Judge Mwilu. “Discipline, character and hard work are paramount to success. Getting an ‘A’ without discipline is still a failure,” she advised.

Regarding rampant cases of indiscipline in school, Mwilu warned students to follow school rules or “I will hand you 10 years behind jail if that is what the law provides.”

Earlier, the area MP, Hon Benjamin Washiali, had proposed that the Judiciary should consider rehabilitation instead of prosecution of children caught in wrongdoing. 

Mwilu also took issue with male teachers who sexually harassed high school girls instead of providing direction and support.

“These are children and not your wives. You must stop touching them carelessly. Go and look for women your age elsewhere!” she warned.

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