‘I dated but it didn’t work out’ – KTN news anchor Akisa Wandera speaks on campus life

What was your alma mater?

I went to the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication where I focused on broadcast journalism.

What were your favourite units?

I thoroughly enjoyed TV production, news writing and English as they were very engaging and interesting.

Worst unit.

I didn’t like photography that much, especially those dark room experiments (sighs).

Your favourite lecturer

I had two favourites. Mr Komen was really easy and knew his stuff while Mr Ochichi, who taught English for journalists, was humorous and made learning fun.

What was your routine in school?

My routine was pretty simple. I would get to school by 6.30am, prepare for news for the school-based radio station which I read. I would be at the station till around eleven in the morning then work on project assignments sometimes till four in the evening when my classes would begin till 9 pm.

What were you known for?

I was known for mostly reading news in the school-based station. I also did so many voice-overs for many people’s projects that it actually became a thing.

How did you balance between social life and study?

Well, that was pretty easy for me as I have always known where to draw the line. The school never suffered at the expense of social life plus I never went out much while in school.

Where did you hang out?

I used to hang out at a place in South B shopping centre where we ate ‘chapo mayai’ and smokies. Those ‘chapo mayais’ were life.

How did you manage your finances in campus?

I lived home my entire time in campus and was given money to use on a weekly basis. I managed with that as my folks already estimated what my cost for the week would be.

You dating experience in campus?

(Laughs) I dated in campus but it didn’t work out though we are still great pals.

Your best and worst campus experience?

My best moment was my graduation. It was a milestone for me. My worst experience, on the other hand, was when my sister was involved in a nasty accident in my final semester in school. She was bedridden for a few months and that was tough on me.

Your favourite fashion style

Tee shirts and jeans were a natural opt for me because the course I was undertaking was intense and mostly practical, which meant that I was walking around a lot with equipment.

Advice to those in school

Live like there’s no tomorrow. There’s a whole lot of life waiting for you to figure out after campus.