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Six things every girl tells her friends after spending the night with you
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jul 08, 2018 at 12:07 EAT
A girl tells her friends about you

Women like discussing things with their close friends, even if it involves their sex life

A lady who has spent the night with you must tell the story to someone else, like it or not

Just like guys, girls have their ‘bros’ with whom they share relationship secrets with.

It is therefore not new for a girl to tell her friends about a guy after spending a night with him.

While some girls give all details, others are a bit reserved and will only speak bits of their experience.

These are the six common things that a girl will tell her friends after a night with him;

Fun moments

A girl will definitely remember the funny things you did at night that left her breathless with laughter. She is willing to share it with her friends so that they can all laugh it out.


This is a major topic amongst girls especially after her first night with a guy. Her ‘bros’ will be waiting to know how well or less endowed her new guy is.


One night with a girl is enough for her to gauge if you have skills in intimacy. This is something she will be looking forward to telling her friends over lunch the following day.

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Comparison with previous guys

A girl who has slept with another guy before will compare the two and table them before her circle of friends so they can decide who takes the lead in what field.


After spending a night with you, a girl’s friends will be eager to know what things you fantasize about and how far you are willing to go to achieve them.


Some of the things a guy will do might be a bit on the extreme side for the girl. Usually, rather than telling it to him, she will discuss it with her friends to find out how much of it she should take or whether she should just put an end to it.

While most of it seems like an invasion of a guy’s privacy, talking about these things with her friends is part of girl’s way to measure if she is in a good relationship or not.

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