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KUKALIWA CHAPATI: Man pens down frank letter to lover asking for space to watch the World Cup
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jun 22, 2018 at 09:50 EAT
Man wrote formal letter to lover [COURTESY]

A formal letter from a man to his lover explaining why he will have to ignore her during the World Cup has caught the attention of social media users

A letter doing rounds on social media has caught the eye of Ureport.

With the World Cup already on in Russia, fans worldwide have already made plans on how they intend to watch match buildups, all the way to the final.

One fan, however, has surprised netizens by writing a formal letter to his lover telling her why he won’t be able to handle her drama as the tournament progresses.

“This is to inform you that the FIFA World Cup is kicking off on Thursday 14th June 2018 and end on Sunday 15th July 2018. I hereby want to confess before that times comes that I might not be in a position to handle you and the World Cup at the same time. Whenever I delay to reply your text please forgive me, If I will not pick your call forgive me as well. If I am going to get home late, just know I will be from a game. I know you might have seen NTV advertising that it will broadcast some games, that’s a scam it will be broadcasting replays trust me. If I also decide to watch the replay please let us not argue over the remote. I love you so much,” read the letter.

This is perhaps the cases of many guys in ‘new’ and ‘naïve’ relationships, having to explain to your lover/girlfriend why you will be missing in action in two days.

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