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Njugush goes emotional after surprise birthday gift from wife
By Fay Ngina | Updated May 21, 2018 at 11:47 EAT
Njugush and his wife
  • Comedian Njugush went emotional after his wife bought him a birthday cake
  • The couple recently revealed their baby on social media when he turned one month

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa aka Njugush went emotional after his wife Celestine Ndinda bought him a surprise birthday cake as he turned 27-years-old.

Njugush said that the birthday surprise was an emotional one as his wife wanted to buy him a ‘proper’ cake six years ago but couldn’t afford.

“Happy birthday to me...this one is quite emotional..... turning 27 and mama theirs surprised me with this cake....for me it took me way back , 6 years ago when she wanted to surprise me with a proper cake. Small problem though, she couldn't afford one.....so she went ahead and surprised me with a cupcake, she had borrowed money, 80 kshs to buy 2 cupcakes....pesa yake iliishia hapo so ata candle hakukua, aliwasha mti ya kiberiti nikablow ????????????,” said Njugush.

The comedian went ahead to thank and appreciate his wife for the surprise.

“So when Leo she surprised me na this proper cake you can see what happened to the napkins!!!!! Thanking God for all the blessings for the last 26, I'm forever humbled and great full to God........Asante Celestine Ndinda. I wish tungeanza life when I was one though!!! THERE IS GOD,” he added.

The couple recently revealed their baby on social media when he turned one month.

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