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Five items your 'mpango wa kando' hides in your house secretly
By Robert Abong'o | Updated May 19, 2018 at 12:57 EAT
The things mpango wa kandos hide [COURTESY]

For every action, there is a similar and equal reaction.

The minute you decided to have a ‘mpango wa kando’ is the moment you resolved to keep secrets from your spouse, boyfriend or fiancée for the rest of your life.

While some might argue that side relationships keep the main relationship alive, having them comes with challenges that sometimes don’t appear as challenges in the beginning.

Having a side chick or boyfriend will cost you almost as much as having a real relationship, getting married and having kids.

However, ‘mpango wa kandos’ sometimes can be hard to let go of, for different reasons, they find ways of staying in our lives even if we don’t realise it.

The hard bit is when they start hiding stuff in your house so that they are sure you owe them something when you secretly meet.

Here are the top 5 things ‘Mpango wa Kando’ hide in our houses and might take you time to find:

Tooth Brush

Everyone who has a side ‘dish’ has to admit, you will always buy a toothbrush for them when they come over.

You will also place the same among your other toothbrushes. This is normal. No one wants to leave in the morning with a smelly mouth. Find somewhere else to put it if you want your relationship to go on for longer.

Pair of shoes and socks

The tragedy of having a ‘sleepover’ on a rainy night is having to deal with the fact that whoever came to visit you will leave in your clean sneakers – the muddy boots will be your responsibility too.

Some ‘Mpango wa kandos’ are smart enough to hide their shoes, whether ‘condom shoes’ or high heels in your house. If you are fond of throwing shoes under your bed without looking, go check. You might find an extra pair.


Some of our side chicks have very nice perfume. So bad that when they accidentally leave it in your house, you place it alongside your wife’s perfumes.

Ladies are very good at differentiating perfume. They can never miss. At least check the bottle it has to be different.


In the middle of a wild intimate night, earnings do fall off on the bed, couch or further. Sometimes it is purely not the side chick’s fault the earings were left in your house. Some though, leave them there on purpose.

If you are the ignorant type that doesn’t eliminate evidence after she leaves, let’s say she won’t be the next thing leaving the house.

Underwear and spare t-shirt

Underwear can be so small it can fit in with your socks without you noticing. As a man who has a side chick, you have probably washed her underwear along with your socks several times.

Tshirts are also common items left in houses though they are easy to create an excuse with. 

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