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Dating a Kikuyu man? Read what his name reveals about him - be warned
By Ureport | Updated Apr 19, 2018 at 11:29 EAT
Couple on a date [COURTESY]
  • Names can reveal a lot about a person's character
  • Most people look at the names before dating someone

Are you in love with a Kikuyu man? Are you dating and planning to get married to one?

Here’s what their second name reveals about their character:

KAMAU: They are very money-minded and most of them are entrepreneurs. However, some of them obtain money in very unscrupulous ways.

NJOROGE: They love binge-drinking and a lot of women. Most of them are ‘makanga’ or matatu drivers. However, they are very hardworking.

KIMANI: Very calm and ambitious characters. However, they have hypocritical characters.

MWANGI: Most Mwangis either have a younger or older brother. They are very sharp when it comes to academics but most of them are lazy.

NDUNG’U: These are very hard-headed people. But when they find their match they are submissive.

CHEGE: They talk a lot. You can never get bored when you are around them.

MAINA: Most are chubby from childhood and own a lot of businesses.

MBUGUA: Hawa nao ni sumbua. They are very stubborn in nature but are generous. They are not selfish when it comes to money.

KARANJA: This is a jack of all trades i.e. they have multiple characters. They can be anything, from pastors to cooks to touts. Be careful when dating a Karanja. You never know, they are very mysterious.

NG’ANG’A: They are open-minded and outgoing. However, very selfish with money.

NJUGUNA: Most of these guys are witty and clever at the same time. They can be funny sometimes.


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