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Is Amina Mohamed eyeing a big seat in Kakamega? - Kenyans have their say
By Various Authors | Updated Apr 17, 2018 at 09:30 EAT
Education CS Amina Mohamed [COURTESY]

A decision by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed to hold her homecoming in Kakamega today has left tongues wagging

Could she be eyeing a big seat in Kakamega? Here is what Kenyans think 

During the Jomo Kenyatta’s reign, Kenyan Somalis were marginalised. Then Moi came to power and they were brought back to the fold, empowered through Government jobs and other opportunities. This gave the Kenyan Somalis a sense of belonging for the first time.

Under the Kibaki regime, even their population census was cancelled. Yet under the UhuRuto, Somalis are well entrenched in the Kenyan system and politics. They now hold some of the most powerful positions such that some of the major communities are threatened. I’m foreseeing a Somali president in Kenya in the near future. Barsitei Boit 

We should give Kenyan Somalis a chance and allow them to speak for themselves on what they can do for the country. We should not incorporate a few rabble-rousers into Government and leave majority to wallow in poverty.

If Somalis have advanced, it is because they have taken advantage of devolution and other opportunities available to everyone to better their lives. Ben Bamra

I find the so-called homecoming parties by politicians and Government ministers useless and a waste of time and public resources.

It is reasonable for our sportsmen and women to celebrate their achievements in their villages because the results are there for all to see. Can the same be said for politicians and the executive? Abdikadir Abdulsalam 

I would like to see someone from the smaller tribes, such as the El Molo, elected president. I am tired of the oppressive bigger tribes switching power between themselves for decades. Kenya belongs to all of us, bigger or smaller tribes, and we all deserve a chance to lead the country. Nekg Houbens

Education CS Amina Mohamed held her home coming ceremony in Kakamega . Something she never thought of in 2013-2017. Mr DP, the just concluded elections particularly Jubilee nominations you planted your surrogates. Not again. The gods are against you 2022— David Masibo (@DaviMasibo) April 16, 2018

Somalis from Isiolo have brought us pride. There is no other woman in Kenya like Ms. Amina Mohamed. Eloquent , pretty, extremely smart and very successful. Rumours has it she hails from a tribe that is famous for churning beautiful women ( Dulbahante) please bare witness . pic.twitter.com/8EntGpEnnI— ISIOLO COUNTY (@isioloyetu) April 14, 2018

Very useless, celebrating "During the thanksgiving of Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, Kakamega town, Kakamega County" while we students are tired of out here, every semester it is all about lecturers' strike.
SHENZI KABISA!— Gerishon Morryl (@gerishon_morryl) April 14, 2018

Cs Amina Mohamed, Education is the most critical sector in Kenya in fact it is the most important next to Security, so if you are not courage enough to handle it, please step up early before you kill everything that MaTANKI laid on #SomeoneTellAminaMohamed— Sang Gideon ???????? (@SangGideons) April 6, 2018

Education CS. Amb. Amina Mohamed hails from Mulembe nation,specifically Kakamega County. I thought you, #KOT, should know that.— KELLY FRANK WILSON???? (@KailikiaWilson) April 14, 2018

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