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Man surrenders his wife after losing Manchester derby bet
By Fay Ngina | Updated Apr 09, 2018 at 12:13 EAT
A Manchester Derby {PHOTO/COURTESY}
  • A man is set to surrender his wife after losing a bet in Manchester Derby
  • Two men had written down a handwritten letter and swore to surrender their wives

Winning and losing a bet has become so popular but with most people placing money on the bets. However, the case is different for two men who decided to place their wives as bets for the Manchester United and Manchester City game.

The two Tanzanian men, Amani Stanley and Tony Shilla, in a handwritten agreement, swore to surrender their wives for a whole week should either Manchester City or Manchester United lost in the English Premier League.

The written agreement between the two men has since gone viral. Amani stated in the agreement that Shilla will take his wife if Manchester City doesn’t win.

"I Amani Stanley do swear that if Manchester City doesn't take the championship cup today in match with Manchester United, Mr Shilla Tony will take my wife for a period of one week. In my sound mind, I was not forced into this contract,” Amani wrote.

Shilla, on the other hand, agreed to give up his wife for the same period of time should Manchester United lose.

"I Shilla Tony do swear that in the event Manchester United will not win in match with Manchester City, Mr Amani Stanley will take my wife for a period of one week. In my sound mind, I was not forced into this contract,” Shilla wrote.

Amani, if the written agreement is indeed authentic, is now set to surrender his wife after Manchester City lost to Manchester United 3-2.

Here is the written letter. {PHOTO/COURTESY}

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