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TALK OF THE DAY: Give Raila a break, Deputy President tells Kenyans
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Mar 14, 2018 at 09:32 EAT
Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto [PHOTO: COURTESY]

President Uhuru Kenyatta's meeting with NASA leader Raila Odinga still has some people shocked

The two met on March 9 at Harambee House to discuss ways to end the political stalemate and move the country forward

The ice was finally broken after President Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting with National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga at Harambee House on Friday, March 9.

They met to discuss a number of issues, mainly beginning the process of ending animosity and uniting the country.

This is the first time in a long time that the two leaders have met publicly to discuss issues after hopes of dialogue had begun to fade.

Deputy President William Ruto also reacted to the surprise meeting saying, “Congratulations PRES.UHURU & RAILA for being statesmen. You have risen to the moment for Kenya and against hate, negative ethnicity and division. The unity, stability and transformation of Kenya supersedes all other partisan interests. Wangwana mubarikiwe mpaka mshangae.””

Since this was their first public meeting in a long time, Kenyans reacted heavily to this, most surprised that the two leaders have actually agreed to negotiate.

Here is a sample of the reactions: 

The sooner Kalonzo, Wetang’ula and Mudavadi come to terms with reality and accept that Raila has moved on, the better for them and their respective supporters. At this point, we really don’t know Raila’s political plans for the future but what we can deduce from his recent actions is that his former three NASA Co-Principals don’t feature in his future political plans. 

George Kahacho

Raila did what any general would do, faced with similar circumstances. Instead of facing a strong adversary with a weak team, just withdraw. 

George Macharia

Looking at Wetang’ula and Kalonzo’s body language, it is reasonable to conclude that they know, things are going downhill. 

John Mwangi 

It is time to organise a requiem mass for NASA, bemourn the death of a once vibrant coalition. 

Wilson Omol 

The trio of Wetang’ula, Mudavadi and Musyoka were looking for their own opportunities to jump ship and leave Raila stranded alone, just like they did to him on January 30. Their complaints resemble that of a jilted lover, and not sincere at all. They made their bed when they skipped the swearing-in ceremony and now they must lie on it. 

Sifu Msafiri

If Wetangula, Mudavadi and Musyoka didn’t know before that politics is a dirty business they certainly know now! 

Ivan Freeman

Last week. Mudavadi was boasting of his plans for 2022 separate of NASA, Saturday he was castigating Raila for Friday's meeting. Not once did the three think to show a united anti-Jubilee front to assist in negotiating and pressuring Jubilee over the issues they want to be addressed.

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