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Mother pens emotional letter to president Uhuru- prays KNH will allow her bury the daughter
By Alice kamuyu Kamania | Updated Mar 11, 2018 at 12:25 EAT
Mother pleads to bury her daughter
  • This is a mothers plea to President Uhuru Kenyatta seeking help to bury her daughter Eliana

I hope this finds you well. Pain on top of mourning. 

The last three weeks have been so long for me and my family. Three weeks of waiting to lay our baby to rest and still not sure when this is going to happen. 

This followed after we lost our baby at KNH on 19/2/2018 after a long stay in ICU accumulating a bill of 13.568 M. 

All through the stay, the billing office always assured us that NHIF will clear the bills since we were in a general ward. 

After the demise of our child, we started the clearance process but NHIF concluded that they would only pay for 2.1M leaving a balance of 11.4 M burden for the family to clear. It's totally impossible to raise such an amount and we pleaded for a waiver from KNH but still no feedback. 

We appealed to NHIF to increase the amount and they asked for a detailed medical report which took a week to get from KNH. 

It's exactly 3 weeks and we are still waiting for the feedback from KNH hoping that it will be positive and allow us to lay our baby to rest. 

When NHIF staff are training the public, they have always made it clear that all government hospitals are free except for the private wing.I find this information misleading especially after what I have gone through despite keeping out NHIF cards updated all through. 

It's a tough experience for sure and I have seen other patients go through the same after losing a long stay patient at KNH.

Hospitals have become unaffordable to the public and a mental torture follows after losing a loved one. 

It's my prayer that we get a friendly cover for the long stay patients in public hospitals.

Kindly help me take my baby home for the first and last home. Note that she has been hospitalized since birth. #GetElianaHome

Alice (mother to Eliana).

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