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My letter to Governor Mike Sonko
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Mar 10, 2018 at 17:12 EAT
A letter to Governor Sonko [COURTESY]
  • The insecurity levels in the city have grown alarmingly
  • It is time that the county government steps in to save dwellers and residents from mugging

Hope this finds you well Your Excellency.I arrived in town this morning at about 05:43. My friend dropped me at Moi Avenue, near Clarion hotel. I started walking along the avenue heading to Railways bus terminus to board a matatu to work.

I noticed quite a big number of street urchins around the Sonford Fish & Chips area and the nearby night clubs. I felt unsafe! For a moment I felt your administration has failed or has not done enough in clearance of the urchins from the streets of the capital as they are a threat to security. Little did I know that my opinion would be substantiated.

I walked past a glue-sniffing urchin at the parking in front of Sonford Fish & Chips… he looked “alert!”
As I walked away from that spot I decided to get my phone from my pocket to check the time…I was contemplating boarding a boda boda to Railways instead of walking all the way in order to save time. Little did I know that the urchin was following me.

No sooner had I gotten my phone from my pocket than he hit my right hand, the hand holding my phone. The gadget fell to the floor…I rushed to collect it but he was faster than me.

At that juncture, the fellow urchins across the avenue had started to approach fast. They were shouting, ‘wewe… wewe” to scare me. Citizens around just observed the drama. I gave up…I lost the phone.
Last year in the month of November, I lost another phone in similar circumstance around Muthurwa market area.

My governor, this is too much…this is too expensive.


Please get rid of these urchins from the city’s streets as the rate of thuggery and mugging is alarming and unacceptable.

I’m not sure whether your office has a REPARATION scheme for victims like myself. If negative I will get another gadget for myself because I’m hardworking.

Please free our streets from these chokoras who rob city residents and dwellers violently.

The primary duty of an administration to its people is to protect them.

Yours Sincerely, 

Charles Muchangi Wambogo

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