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SORRY NICE GUY: Six brutal but honest reasons why ‘bad boys’ will always get the woman
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Mar 09, 2018 at 11:17 EAT
Man and woman flirt [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Are you a nice guy who wants a hot lady by your side?

Well, your niceness might be your biggest undoing and here's why

It’s nice to be a ‘nice’ guy, but when it comes to bagging that cute lady you keeping stealing glances for, your niceness becomes your biggest undoing.

Though society recommends that ladies choose good-looking, well-groomed and perfectly mannered guys, ladies just can’t help but choose the bad boy for obvious reasons.

Being a nice guy means opening the car door for her, carrying her handbag, doing the laundry for her e.t.c, simple things that make the lady happy. However, her happiness might just be a cover to hide what she truly thinks about you.

Here are some reasons why a single lady would rather date a bad boy than fall for a nice guy:

Nice guys are weak

Women want men who are able to protect them while at the same time protect themselves. Strong men (physically) usually fit the ‘bad boy profile’, leaving weak, door-opening, gift-buying nice guys with no one to protect. Problem is, the lady doesn’t know if the nice guy can stand up to a gang of thieves the same way a strong bad boy can.

Nice guys are predictable

Predictability always kills relationships. Once you become that nice guy who always buys flowers every holiday and does the same things over and over again, your lady might opt for the unpredictable bad boy who is always mysterious and full of surprises.

Bad boys are sexy

I don’t know how this works but apparently, bad boys, most of them are attractive. Sure, nice guys can also be attractive but there’s a force that accompanies the bad boy everywhere he goes that makes him capable of always getting girls.

The sex

Many of you who are still on campus must admit, the bad boys ruled the sex game. There’s something about a bad boy and sex that seems to always leave the lady asking for more. Bad boys have nothing to lose in the bedroom, therefore, will try anything that comes to their mind. Girls love this.

Bad boys keep it real

Ladies prefer a man who is always straight up with them. Nice guys can be so nice that it almost looks like they’re pretending. Well, most nice guys pretend to be extra nice when the lady is around thinking that she won’t notice.

Nice guys lack self-respect

Yes, it’s pretty easy for a nice guy to take care of a woman, in fact, treat her like a queen. The problem is with all the love and care that you give to a woman, you lose yourself in her and lose respect for yourself.

Ladies want a man who respects them as much as he respects himself. 

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