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The harsh reality of being both mum and career woman
By Oloo Winnie | Updated Feb 23, 2018 at 14:27 EAT
Being a career woman cum mum is never easy
  • Organisations should reward industrious women who juggle between being mothers and career women
  • There are many tales of mothers who lost jobs after baby delivery 
  • Other were forced to settle for lower positions right after delivery

There are two times when a woman has to figure out the path her life has to take; after delivery and the day the baby grows up and leaves home.For most women, this means that life circles around their children's upbringing and to an extent, meeting the needs of the child.

In so doing, women are likely to slow down in their career path, missing out on great opportunities to match their male counterparts.

Even though the 21st-century community invests in empowering the girl child, workplaces are yet to push the same agenda in some of the lucrative positions where hefty salaries are enjoyed by the male counterparts.

Globally, some supportive organizations set maternity leave for their female expectant workers before a stipulated time to report back to work, though this is not always the case everywhere.

There are tales of lost jobs after baby delivery or had to settle for a lower position and a lower pay altogether.

Together with the new adjustments of having a baby, a mother has to endure the little or no pay as others climb up the work ladder.The sacrifice of bringing the bacon or bringing up the kid is a poses a big question for most women.

For this reasons an ambitious woman sometimes has to settle down after creating a powerful position in the organization leading to the late 30's motherhood.

If organizations would equally reward the industrious women who juggle between being a mother and the career lady, the world would be a better place even for our children.

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