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Nairobi MCA raises eyebrows after buying cars worth Sh56 million
By The Grapevine | Updated Feb 20, 2018 at 08:16 EAT
He bought expensive cars
  • A Nairobi MCA has left his colleagues awed by his sudden wealth
  • The MCA bought four top range cars each at Sh 14 million 
  • There is no known business that he is engaged in

Many MCAs in the city are asking themselves questions over their colleague’s source of sudden wealth.

The said colleague has allegedly bought four top of the range cars each costing Sh14 million that he is flossing with.

He is said to be suddenly so monied that he even tells his colleagues he will soon announce his next political move.

The county lawmaker who is said to be in good books with the powers that be does not have known business he is engaged in to justify his sudden wealth.

What could his source of money be?

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