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Senator bashed for flying to launch mud-walled classroom
By The Grapevine | Updated Feb 19, 2018 at 07:49 EAT
He allegedly used a chopper [COURTESY]
  • A Senator has been trolled on social media for allegedly flying to his area to launch the construction of a mud-walled class
  • The Senator is said to have spent around Sh200, 000 to get to the venue

A top-flying Jubilee Senator is the talk of the country after his photograph emerged online showing how he allegedly used about Sh200, 000 to fly to one of his home county schools to help put a mud-walled classroom.

The decision by the Senator’s communication team to up his photograph online earned him ridicules over his decision to “spend so much in helping so little".

The Senator was captured with his trousers rolled up while helping to prepare mud to put up the classroom wall.

The Senator’s love for flying choppers is not new that at one point he and other top Jubilee leaders were labeled “Sky Team”.

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