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Kisii leaders' stern warning to Jubilee Sec Gen Raphael Tuju
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 18, 2018 at 18:47 EAT
Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju
  • ‘Friends of the Judiciary (FOJ) have asked Sec Gen Raphael Tuju to apologise after sending a letter to CJ David Maraga
  • The group has also asked President Uhuru to denounce himself from the letter

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati on Sunday, February 18 led a group dubbed ‘Friends of the Judiciary (FOJ) in demanding an apology to Chief Justice David Maraga from Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju. This follows a protest letter that Tuju sent to Maraga on February 4 accusing him of bias, double standards, impunity and poor leadership.

As reported by Citizen News, the group demanded that Tuju apologises as soon as he can rebuking attacks on the Judiciary by State officers and the political class. Acts like these they said, undermine the independence of the court. The Kisii members group also threatened to take action upon Tuju if he did not heed their plea.

 “We demand a formal apology done to CJ Maraga by Raphael Tuju. If he won’t do that in the shortest period possible, he should be assured of reaction from the Gusii community,” read part of the statement.

The group of Kisii leaders further condemned President Uhuru for remaining mum on the incident. They now want the President to denounce the letter or he will be held accountable.

“If Uhuru Kenyatta does not denounce the letter himself, then as the FOJ we shall hold him personally accountable, for this misadvised affront on the independence of the Judiciary,” they warned.

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