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No mercy from colleague for Ford Kenya MP with loose tongue
By Grapevine | Updated Feb 14, 2018 at 08:26 EAT
Parliament Kenya

A Ford Kenya MP is becoming a frequent visitor of police cells because of his loose tongue

The MP is said to always get carried away by crowds and makes careless remarks

A Ford Kenya MP was overhead ridiculing his ODM counterpart who has in the recent past had it rough with the police.

The second term MP said he does not sympathise with some of the MPs who have been detained in a major crackdown following Raila’s swearing in.

Grapevine heard him single out a first-term MP, who has become a frequent visitor of police cells for having a loose tongue.

He charged that the MP always gets carried away by excited crowds and make careless remarks that have always landed him in trouble.

“The crowd is never with you when you are in the police cell. People must weigh what they say even if it is politics,” said the MP.


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