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Social Media is a Godsent gift to the youth
By ANTONY | Updated Feb 05, 2018 at 11:01 EAT
Social media empowers the youth
  • Most stories for the youth have not been highlighted by the mainstream media
  • With social media youths no longer need godfathers to push their stories out for recognition

For a long time now, youths of this country and beyond, have complained of being left out in the national dialogue, and in the sharing of the country's resources. Beyond getting into positions of power, most youth can bear witness that all that we look for at times is not someone to solve all our problems, but someone to engage us, someone, who can listen and appreciate our ideas. By so doing we feel as part and parcel of nation building.

Among the youth are stories of triumph, success, betrayal anger, love, and most of all are stories of youth looking for an outlet for their skill or product. Many of these stories have not been highlighted by the mainstream media, because practically not all stories can fit in a 40-minute bulletin or newspaper, but the youth now can start harnessing what I deem to be a blessing of the new age, the social media.

Information flow is now on a freeway, and social media is giving people voices and markets. Mind you, this is a luxury that the older folk never got to benefit from. The contribution it had on the 'Arab Spring', is out for all and sundry. President Trump usage of social media can also give us a glimpse of how, if used effectively, social media can influence many people negatively or positively.

His predecessor President Obama in his farewell speech, while referring to media, refers to partisanship as great threats to peaceful co-existence of communities, in that people only accept information, whether true or not, that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinion on the evidence that is out there. And he concludes by naming it a threat to democracy.

But why do I say that social media is a gift to the youth? It’s because as youths we no longer need godfathers to push our stories out for us to get recognition, we can write them ourselves and 'sponsor' them on social media platforms. So if it’s that shirt, or trouser that you need to get out of stock, or it’s that budding political career that you want to launch, or public benefits information that you need to let people know about, social media is a sure bet.

There are billions of people out there waiting to hear from you. Thus, the youth of today, no longer have reasons not to go out there and make our contribution, unless we are slacking or not willing.

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