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Uproar on Twitter after police arrest self-proclaimed ‘NRM General’ Miguna Miguna
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 02, 2018 at 13:13 EAT
Lawyer Miguna Miguna
  • Police raided Miguna Miguna's house in Runda this morning and arrested him in regard to the ongoing Raila's oath probe
  • Miguna took an active part in the swearing-in of NASA's Raila Odinga on January 30
  • Kenyans on social media have their say regarding his arrest

Kenyans on social media have a lot to say after police stormed Former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate and Author of the book 'Peeling Back The Mask' Miguna Miguna’s Runda house to arrest him on Friday, February 2.

Miguna, a lawyer, had earlier sent a distress text to a Nation editor saying that police had invaded his home and called upon National Super alliance (NASA) Coalition supporters to go over and rescue him.

Miguna, who took an active part in the swearing-in of National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition leader Raila Odinga on January 30 proclaimed to be National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) general– an affiliate of NASA in November 2017.

He signed the oath taken by Raila as a witness under his Miguna and Company Advocates law firm name and said he does not regret commissioning the oath taken insisting that he contravened no law.

Miguna Miguna' arrest [VIDEO: COURTESY]

On February 1, he asked NASA supporters to pull down portraits of President Uhuru Kenyatta down saying he does not regret commissioning the oath taken insisting that he contravened no law.

Following Miguna’s arrest, Kenyans on Twitter shared their views, causing a stir on the social media platform.

Some thought Miguna deserved an arrest;

Nasa supporters make me wonder????They are here crying about law enforcement and how the Jubilee government does not follow the laws forgetting that the swearing in of Raila was against the constitution as well????#MigunaMigunaArrested— Hildah Watiri (@HildahWatiri) February 2, 2018

Congratulations to @DCI_Kenya @PoliceKE the office of @UKenyatta must be respected! Now go for others @erickogi #MigunaMigunaArrested— Denis Maina (@Denismaina82) February 2, 2018

Miguna Miguna yesterday telling CS Matiang'i to come arrest him vs Miguna Miguna today after being arrested#MigunaMigunaArrested pic.twitter.com/N5za50uBJQ— PATRIOT ???????? (@PaulKiarie_) February 2, 2018

Instead of concentrating on reviving economy you are busy running after NASA and NRM poor strategy my friend— Ritah A (@nyangidly) February 2, 2018

calling the youth to his rescue sounds a very lame idea for someone who had dared the authority to arrest him. #MigunaMigunaArrested— Great G (@Lastborn_G) February 2, 2018

Miguna Miguna has been daring the Jubilee Govt to arrest him until I thought He is using Some Magical Powers to Scare the Police. Or did he call them Demagogues again?? #MigunaMigunaArrested— COLLINS KHANIRI (@CollinsKhaniri) February 2, 2018

Others thought the government is taking things a bit too far;

If you have to beat your wife into submission to prove to your neighbors then you are not her husband. That is exactly what @UKenyatta and Jubilee are doing. Terror can’t bring legitimacy. It will radicalize Kenyans to fight for freedoms. #MigunaMigunaArrested— Rein (@Asamoh_) February 2, 2018

The #NRMGeneral @MigunaMiguna #MigunaMigunaArrested like a terrorist. This is uncalled for You don't blow someone's gate as if he was a Terrorist @OAmollo @NelsonHavi How legal is this operation??— Dennis ketone (@dennisKetone) February 2, 2018

Jubilee are playing into the hands of NASA, such arrests will lead to unrest and this is where NASA will flourish #MigunaMigunaArrested— Ronald (@Senior_ronny) February 2, 2018

So they shutdown media so that we don't get to know when our leaders are arrested, revolution is not very far from today #MigunaMigunaArrested— sikobe boaz (@sikobeb) February 2, 2018

The illegal ARREST and DETENTION of the NRM-K general @MigunaMiguna is an express and direct indicant of a trembling illegitimate regime that fears the Rule of Law and engages in double entendre as to its application! SHAME! #MigunaMigunaArrested— Wakili Ochieng (@ItsOchieng) February 2, 2018

If #MigunaMigunaArrested for being a member of outlawed NRM, then Arrest the over 60% Kenyans who're members and supporting this "outlawed NRM" or release him— Collins Nyabende (@c_nyabende) February 2, 2018

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