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Rift Valley governor in dilemma after female advisor takes wife's spot
By The Grapevine | Updated Feb 02, 2018 at 08:08 EAT
Governor torn between wife and advisor
  • A governor's female advisor is taking all the spots reserved for his wife
  • The governor is left wondering whether to fire the advisor or let his wife take up her roles

A wife to one of the Rift Valley governors is concerned about one of the female advisor's appointment by the governor.

The advisor has become too close to the governor to the chagrin of the governors' wife. The County First Lady has been sidelined as the advisor uses the car reserved for the governor's wife and attended functions that are meant for the first lady.

The female advisor has guts to seat on the front row with the governor in public function eliciting the wrath of some county officials.

Recently her antics caused a storm in the social media with bloggers questioning her role and why the County First Lady has been missing in almost all public functions in the county.

Governor is torn between keeping his wife or his female advisor

She was last seen in public during the governor's inauguration. The governor is now in a dilemma whether to sack the advisor or ensure his wife takes her roles.

The advisor has taken over the wife's roles

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