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NASA CEO engages IEBC in Twitter wars, Kenyans take sides
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jan 27, 2018 at 13:37 EAT
NASA CEO Norman Magaya versus IEBC
  • KOT were treated to a rare chance to engage when NASA CEO Norman Magay exchanged words with IEBC on his Twitter handle
  • Mr. Magaya accused IEBC of not being transparent when conducting the August 8, 2017, elections
  • Kenyans took both sides each expressing their views on the matter

National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition CEO Norman Magaya sparked a debate on Twitter after he engaged Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in an exchange of words on Friday, January 26.

Norman, whose first reaction was triggered by IEBC’s tweet in regards to August 8, 2017, poll results, hit back calling the Commission deceitful, devious, disgusting, disorganized, disarmed and disgruntled.

IEBC's statement on January 26

The Commision tweeted shortly after NASA insisted that leader Raila Odinga won the election and that the coalition refuses to recognize the October 26 repeat presidential poll.

According to NASA, Raila Odinga won during the August 8, 2017, General Election with 8,041,726 votes against Uhuru Kenyatta’ 7, 755, 428 votes.

This announcement in a presser on Friday sparked a tweet by IEBC. The CEO then pounced on IEBC tweets and opened a series of words exchange.

NASA's claims on August 8th 2017 presidential poll results is a deliberate effort to create a non-existent reality.https://t.co/FUqf7dkwzH pic.twitter.com/XI7e3QpVpu— IEBC (@IEBCKenya) January 26, 2018

Norman retweeted


— Norman Magaya (@amugira) January 26, 2018
The thread ensued

And as stated before NASA had access to servers at Bomas of Kenya. They also received logs during the petition process. The cherry-picking of information is not good for democracy— IEBC (@IEBCKenya) January 26, 2018

You remain in contempt of the Supreme Court orders. Stop yapping and open the servers you demagogues. https://t.co/EsA0jEVFnX— Norman Magaya (@amugira) January 26, 2018

On August 10th 2017 NASA came up with strange data said to be presidential results. They turned out to be fake. We can confidently state that it is no different from what we see today— IEBC (@IEBCKenya) January 26, 2018

On the same day, we gave you an offer: open the servers and if we confirm authenticity of your results,ww would promptly Concede. That offer remains today. These cries of a village witch won't help you. https://t.co/cmTMqIzIFV— Norman Magaya (@amugira) January 26, 2018

The Commission will continue to debunk these myths. We have published results and we are clear on how it was obtained— IEBC (@IEBCKenya) January 26, 2018

At some point, the late IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando's name was dragged in.

To facilitate your fraud and deceit, you even set up your ICT manager for murder. No doubt the commission knows what happened to Chris Msando. Go roast in hell. Pathetic human beings https://t.co/7dYI9o7YKW— Norman Magaya (@amugira) January 26, 2018

A commission that cannot state the total voter turn in a contest pitting Uhuru against Kenyatta cannot debunk anything. You are the definition of shithole. Just give us a break. https://t.co/7dYI9o7YKW— Norman Magaya (@amugira) January 26, 2018

Norman is a known loyalist and a patient protégé of Raila Odinga. He deferred his political ambition, for MP Likuyani, to dedicate his time and effort toward Raila’s presidential bid in 2017.

The thread attracted Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who took part, expressing their views and taking sides. A good number took Norman’s side accusing IEBC of playing the country.

Si wafungue servers watuonyeshe na wao?? Otherwise @IEBCKenya is just making noise— Abala Kinyua. ???????? (@AbalaKinyua) January 26, 2018

Si wafungue servers watuonyeshe na wao?? Otherwise @IEBCKenya is just making noise

— Abala Kinyua. ???????? (@AbalaKinyua) January 26, 2018

.God is alive and he sees everything they are doing and he has his time to strike his anger on them.let us push on— karisa (@karisakenya) January 26, 2018

Others told the CEO to accept and move on like everyone else has done.

Open the servers?? Thought today you displayed the 'correct' results (nullified)— Eriqo josh (@EriqoJosh) January 26, 2018

You should request your principals to give you the source of their information...— Kevin John (@kjNjenga) January 26, 2018

Your real enemies Magaya are in NASA the sooner you realize the better— Boaz Kiptoo Kapsoo (@bkapsoo) January 26, 2018

The reason why the election was nullified is because servers were not opened up to date so where you got the results you were presenting today God knows!— Boaz Kiptoo Kapsoo (@bkapsoo) January 26, 2018

They went to court to have the election nullified, they celebrated with song and dance when the election was nullified, now in a strange turn, they want to swear themselves in based on the results of that same election.— wathiai kariuki (@kariuki19) January 26, 2018

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