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A mother's worst nightmare; son turning out to be gay
By Edith Njeri Mwangi | Updated Jan 21, 2018 at 09:08 EAT
Men now find love in other men [COURTESY]
  • Today's youths are open to trying out new things, with support from others across the world, with the help of the internet
  • One thing that has slowly crept into our midst is the homosexuality vice
  • A mother's worst fear is for her son to come out of the closet

Let’s take this right. They say brevity starts when you embrace your fears. But some fears are just inescapable, not because you are naïve or vulnerable but some fears are gigantic FOLKS! You know why? Because we see them in our daily lives...and so they absolutely live in us. They are palpable.

Being gay really disturbs mothers of sons outside there. The fear is real. It hurts. Many pray to rebuke it so that it never falls on their families. We Africans, the imagination is unreal, the son you bore decades ago is now interested in another same-genital species somewhere. “Doesn’t even add up”

In Mombasa, the fear is bigger than you can think of. A young boy who talks lazily will be scolded to ‘speak like a real man’. Wearing tight pants just puts you in the gay bracket. The worse is if you accompany yourself with girls all time that’s already a ticket that you fully homosexual. Is it because American lifestyle ignites youths that they forget our moral values? Or its nowadays part of peer pressure? Or is it out of self will?

Do you know of parents who just can’t take their sons to boarding schools, because of the distress to being gay? The horror in them can’t leave them at ease. The boy child is now subjected to rules like ‘eat like a man…work like men…walk like a man...the latest would be sleep like a man.

But have you ever disclosed the deep secret of LIKE A MAN? It’s this simple, don’t do things like girls…be the straight man you ought to be. Anything distant, you fall in another irritating status. There is a story of a boy who was expelled from about three secondary boy schools for allegedly having intercourse with fellow students.

Boys from the estate he lived were warned by their parents to stay a mile away from him…Not because their parents are discriminative, NO. But because they will do anything to keep their son from becoming homosexual. Their big cause of fear is for their boy child to turn out GAY!

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