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Jubilee governor scraps funds for needy students
By Grapevine | Updated Jan 19, 2018 at 08:01 EAT
Jubilee Party logo

A governor affiliated to the Jubilee Party has scrapped funds meant for needy students

It is said that he plans to replace it with his own bursary

A bursary programme started to assist needy student by a former governor has been scrapped off by his successor.

Grapevine has learnt that the new governor from the Jubilee party – currently in the eye of a storm – plans to replace it with his own bursary.

Parents with students who were being supported with the previous bursary are now stranded wondering if their bursary was being supported by money from the former governor’s kitty or from the county funds.

While the education CEC claims the bursary is still active and they are just planning to disburse funds, the office foot soldiers confirmed that the programme has been scrapped off and the only way to get money is to ‘plead’ with the governor Jubilee governor who has made a name from being a philanthropist or protest.

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