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Spendthrift boss in the energy sector fears for his job after messing up
By Grapevine | Updated Jan 18, 2018 at 07:41 EAT
The spendthrift boss fear for his job

Top energy sector official is fearing for his job after spending too much cash

He is said to be misusing company money for unnecessary purposes

The CEO of a parastatal in the energy sector is staring at a tumultuous road ahead.

In an intense succession battle in the well-funded company, some top officials have gathered incriminating dossiers on how the CEO misused the company’s money during the last polls.

During the period, the man is said to have hired choppers to take him for private family functions or lunch and return to Nairobi.

At one point, he chartered a chopper for Sh500,000 to cut a ribbon of a bus that cost about Sh2 million.

The man whose performance at the institution is nothing to write home about for the last few days has been doing all he can to retain his job.

It is the prayer of Majority of the employees at the body that the CEO is kicked out when Uhuruto form their new administration.

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