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Five terrible habits men display all the time, proving they are not husband material
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Mar 05, 2018 at 10:29 EAT
Violent man beating up lover

Ladies sometimes find problems trying to figure out what makes a perfect husband

Here are five pointers to what a perfect husband shouldn't be like

Men are interesting beings.

Men are different and because of this, it is difficult to find a ‘perfect’ man with almost zero flaws.

Though men try to hide their true selves when trying to impress women, some habits seemingly stay engraved in his heart and mind. Mostly, they are not habits one can boast of having.

Therefore, if a man approaches you and you start thinking about him potentially being a husband, please check if he possesses one of these five habits and leave him for good.

Hostile men

This is a habit that the world abandoned in the Stone Age. Hostile men should never get the chance to make a family with a woman if all he is going to do around the house is beat up the wife and kids.

Some women try to tolerate violent men with the hope that they change for the better. Unless it’s a man who really means it, please don’t open a can of worms.

Doesn’t like children

How are you going to make babies if he doesn’t like children in the first place? If you get intimate with a man and he never talks to you about having kids later in life then you are set to be a single mother, a ‘Baby Mama’ to be exact.

A man who loves children is a man that can be there for anyone when needed the most.

Doesn’t like listening to you

This is just self-explanatory. A good man listens to his better half no matter how wrong or right she is, no matter how loud she is, no matter how she says it, no matter when she says it. Always go for men who take time to listen to you.

This shows that they really do care about you and put themselves in your shoes whenever they want to help you.

Liar Liar, Pants on fire

Ladies, a man who lies and is allowed to lie will lie to you until the end of time. Cheating in relationships nowadays is common because men have become good at crafting lies that ladies believe.

Marry a man who always tells the truth and has your best interests at heart.

Annoyed by your family membersIf he’s annoyed by your folks then there is no way he’s going to live with you under one roof. A good husband takes the spouse’s family as his own and helps them as if it were his family.

Good men cherish their partner’s family and always keeps them in mind.

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