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Five reasons why Kenyans should yearn Johnson Sakaja as President
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Jan 16, 2018 at 15:17 EAT
Nairobi Senator Hon Johnson Sakaja
  • At only 33 years, Sen. Sakaja has built adequate political capital to help him in his political life
  • He advocates for ceasefire, calm and peace in times of political anxiety, uncertainty, and conflict
Nairobi County Senator Johnson Sakaja is loved and admired by many Kenyans across the nation. His political rise and his unique style of politics baffle many.At only 33 years, he has built adequate political capital that can help him become whatever he dreams of politically. 

Peace and unity

Looking at the way the youthful senator conducts himself, he's really a unifying factor- that is what a leader ought to be. He advocates for ceasefire, calm and peace in times of political anxiety, uncertainty, and conflict. At one point in time last year, he shielded a NASA parliamentarian from being assaulted by Jubilee politicians at a city hotel.

In the clip, the senator could be heard urging the fighting sides to desist from such shithole habits because Kenyans are looking up to them. He severally called on Kenyans to exercise peace and calm during the period when the nation underwent electoral crises last year following disputed/nullified the presidential election, repeat presidential election and swearing in of the president-elect.

He's on record for preaching "clean politics" which he refers to as "Siasa Safi." This advocacy is about politics that are based on the content of one's character, their vision/policies vis a vis their religion, tribe, race, age, gender among other wrong criteria. 

Clean Politics

Since his thrust into national politics from the 2005 referendum when he worked as the driver for the Party Of National Unity hitherto, Senator Sakaja has not been involved in murky kind of politics, debates, summits etc.

Whenever he speaks he's seen/sounds as a voice of reason that is more focused on greater good as opposed to self-interest. This has earned him respect in the political circles and admiration across the country. 

Young and Energetic

At the age of 29, Sakaja was the chairman of The National Alliance, the party on which president Kenyatta vied for the presidency and won after ditching Kenya African National Union, KANU. When he served as a nominated legislator in the last parliament, he was the chairman of the young parliamentarians' caucus.

He's currently the chairman, Senate Committee on Labor. In all these capacities he had demonstrated leadership prowess and representation vigor through debates and sponsoring progressive bills that seek to make the lives of Kenyans easier and create opportunities for 'marginalized' Kenyans eg the youth and the disabled.

The outgoing senator also attends social events as well; church, boxing matches, musical concerts, mentorship camps etc. This helps him to interact with Kenyans and understand the challenges they face and their hopes. 


As an actuary, his analytical skills are unquestionable. It's no doubt that leadership and management skills were instilled in him during his studies. He's learned and the leadership roles that he's been exposed to make him a great leader and administrator.

Being able to organize and lead a national party is no child play. His tenacious grasp of issues and principles of leadership make him an admirable leader. 


At no single point in time has the senator portrayed himself as tribal. In all his campaigns last year, he called for the peaceful coexistence of all tribes residing in Nairobi and Kenya at large. In the numerous TV/radio debates that he's attended, he has demonstrated a rare approach to issues and questions raised.

Even though he's a member of the Jubilee Party, he always endeavors to look at issues from a realistic and nonpartisan point of view as opposed to taking sides politically. Another leader who has continuously demonstrated such ability is Rarieda MP, Hon Otiende Amollo. I will not be surprised if the two face each other in a presidential contest someday! 


Politics of dynasties, tribe, religion, gender, age have overtaken ideological politics in this country. It's time we approach our politics differently in order to realize the change we all yearn for. They say that you can't do things the same way and expect different results! It's time we test new crop of leaders in order to cross over to the proverbial Canaan. Sakaja and Otiende Amollo are such.

The youthful Senator needs a vast political network across the country which I hope that he's keen on building or is already at it especially among the young people who really yearn for a turnaround in the way how this nation is managed. 

Hon Charles Bazenga.

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