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WHAT IN THE WORLD!! French league referee kicks a player hard before shockingly sending him off
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jan 16, 2018 at 11:44 EAT
Referee tackles FC Nantes player

A referee in the French Ligue 1 has been suspended for kicking out at a player in a league fixture

Referee Tony Chaperson sent off Nantes defender Diego Carlos for dissent after kicking out at him

"It's a joke. I received 20 text messages from all over the world telling me that this referee is a joke,” said an angry FC Nantes President after one of his players was sent off for dissent. 

Referee Tony Chaperson has received provisional suspension after appearing to kick out at a FC Nantes player during a Ligue 1 fixture on Sunday.

During a league match between FC Nantes and Paris St Germain, in the dying stages of the game, Nantes defender Diego Carlos bumped into Chaperon who fell over, swinging his legs towards the player’s shins.

Immediately after the incident, Chaperon gave the same player (Carlos) a second yellow card, sending him off allegedly for dissent.

One of the Nantes players, Valentin Rongier told the media that players would get hefty suspensions if they did the same.

The technical direction of refereeing and the federal commission of refereeing have decided on the withdrawal of Tony Chapron, who had been appointed for Wednesday's Ligue 1 game between Angers and Troyes, until further notice," stated the French federation.

Nantes President also critiqued the decision but decided not to speak more in order to avoid being summoned on disciplinary issues.

Paris St Germain won the match 1-0. 

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