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Ten powerful ways to turn on your woman in a minute or less
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Mar 06, 2018 at 10:38 EAT
Man kisses her lady on the cheek

Different people are turned on by different things

Here are some ways through which you can easily turn your woman on

Most of the people reading this article have either dated before, are dating or are planning to date in the near future.

In relationships, different things turn our partners on and it’s never the same for the different sexes.

Some women might argue that it’s easy to turn men on just by the way you dress or touch them.

For ladies however, it might take a bit more of convincing.

Relationships are different. Because of this, different couple have their own ways of turning each other on. Some people ‘turn on’ faster than others.

Here are some tricks you can use to turn your girlfriend or your spouse on in less than a minute:

1. Hair games (Play with her hair)

Tingles. Tingles. Tingles. Playing with your lover’s hair when in bed or just lying on the couch sometimes sets the mood for an intense intimate session. Run your fingers through her hair gently and watch her moods change.

2. Touch the right spots

When making love, or better yet, during foreplay, touching her ‘right’ turns her on more than you know it. Get to know the areas of the body that arouse her once you place a finger or your palm on them.

3. Be manly – smell like a man

As a man, your natural pheromones are capable pf drawing a woman closer to you, that’s if they like your natural smell. For this case, always keep clean when going you know you will have ladies around you. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

4. Make her your main focus

Even when in a crowd, always make her feel like she is the centre of focus. Talk to her, laugh with her and only with her. This makes her feel wanted by you and assures her that all your attention is her’s for the taking.

5. ‘Keep your eyes on me’

It is always advisable to maintain eye contact when speaking to a lady you want. She seeing you speaking to her with your eyes fixed on hers can even make her communicate to you just by winking. Try it out. Don’t be shy. She might just use her eyes to throw hints at you.

6. Work out together

Couples who work out together stay together. Try sweating it out with her in the gym.

7. Let her let loose around you

This means letting her have fun while feeling completely protected by you. Take a trip to the beach or just go swimming somewhere where she can scream to the top of her voice. Make her feel comfortable around you.

8. Always keep her guessing

Being a mysterious fella will always leave a lady wondering what you will do next. Never reveal your complete plans to her. Always make a habit of surprising her when you get her something.

9. Create the atmosphere (Dim the lights)

Some ladies don’t feel completely safe when getting intimate while the lights are still on. Some ladies even prefer total darkness when having sex. However, to create the perfect environment for your intimate session, try lighting up some candles in the bedroom.

10. Find out what she wants when she’s afraid to ask

Some ladies are shy. Once a man realizes this and makes the lady feel safe enough to tell him anything, it is a turn on. Ladies like men whom they can share their deepest secrets with. 

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