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Eight common lies that cheating men tell
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jan 13, 2018 at 13:14 EAT
A cheating man will give lame excuses
  • While many people are straight up and admit to cheating when questioned, others chose to deny
  • There are several common excuses that cheating men will tell to their partners

You have reached that age where you just want to confide in that one guy, share your dreams with him and settle down towards a bright future. The guy you settle for has proved serious since he took his time before leading you into a relationship.

You certainly feel he is the one since he introduced you to his friends and several family members. He even lets you accompany him to his work parties. Looking into his eyes, you get a glimpse of your family in twenty years’ time.

However, things have started to change, he doesn’t call on you as he used to do. He stays at work late, he has new friends that he keeps talking about but won’t introduce you to.

His weekends are filled with activities that don’t include you and he lacks details when you question. You have fears that he could have started seeing someone else and it’s breaking you.

You decide to ask him but a good part of you knows he might not be straight up with you. Chances are he will lie into your face and deny your accusations.

Luckily for you, there are some common lies that he will tell that will sell him out. These include;

The lady you saw is just a friend

You might have seen him acting all sneaky with someone else. Upon asking, he will assure you that the lady in question is someone from work who needed assistance with some project.

He needs his space

You have dated him for over two years and he suddenly requires some ‘me space’? That is a ridiculous excuse he will come up with.

It’s personal

In the past, whenever your guy got calls, he received them in your presence. Not anymore, now he walks into another room or asks the caller to wait. He will then look at you in the face and say that the matter is a bit personal for you to get involved.

He didn’t network on his cellphone

When you question why he left his phone off when he knew you’d be calling, he easily dismisses it as a technical hitch. He says he didn’t realize his phone is off until later on.

He is discussing business with his boys

You’ve known quite a number of his friends and you know their chill patterns. You start bumping into them elsewhere even when he claims he is watching football with them.

You’re crowding him

This guy has never had issues in the past with you being at his place, or him at yours. Now he stays for a week giving excuses why you two shouldn’t meet. He will accuse you of being so all over, just to guilt trip you.

His work demands more of him

All the months you have dated him, you know his work schedule more than anything else. He has not mentioned a promotion or anything of the sort.

I’m sorry

Many men know that women are emotional beings. Sounding an acting remorseful is a tool that almost every cheating man will use on his partner. Although some may actually mean it, most cheating men admit to using the ‘I’m sorry’ statement to get off the hook.

While not every man tells this lies, a combination of two or three of them is a red flag, an indication that you should pack and leave. Start a life elsewhere, without him.

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