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Policeman stabbed to death by suspected bhang peddler
By Boniface Gikandi, Standard | Updated Jan 13, 2018 at 09:06 EAT
Policeman was stabbed to death

A suspected bhang peddler stabbed a policeman to death in Murang'a County

The peddler was being sought in connection to supply of the drugs

A policeman was stabbed to death by a suspected bhang peddler at Mareira market in Murang’a County. 

The Administration Police constable was stabbed in the back by a known peddler who was being sought in connection with the supply of the narcotic. 

It remained unclear why the police officer, who was attached to the Kigumo Sub-county headquarters, was alone when he was attacked on Thursday night. 

The policeman is said to have alighted from a public service vehicle shortly after he spotted the suspect on Thursday night.

Residents said the policeman and the peddler may have differed earlier in the day as the officer had been spotted at the market looking for him. They said the officer was a regular visitor in the suspect's den.

But security chiefs in Kigumo insisted he was on patrol with other policemen when the suspect emerged from the thicket and attacked him. 

Murang’a County Police Commander Naomi Ichami said the officers were on a mission to arrest suspect after dodging their dragnet several times. 

She said the three officers were on a mission to arrest the bhang peddler following increased complaints from the public.

“Investigations have been launched to establish what happened as there are theories that he was in a public service vehicle when he spotted the suspect,” said Ms Ichami. 

Two weeks ago, Kangema MP Muturi Kigano raised concerns over bhang peddling at Karugia and Kanyenya-ini markets. Police are still hunting the suspect.

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