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Video of women fighting over a man goes viral, Kenyans react
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jan 12, 2018 at 14:39 EAT
Woman gets beaten over a man
  • A viral video of a young woman getting beaten over a man has caught the attention of Kenyans on twitter
  • The amateur video, which shows the women attacking her evoked response from Kenyans, most of it hilarious

Kenyans on Friday, January 12 were treated to a rare show when a video of women attacking their counterpart for allegedly sleeping with someone’s husband went viral.

A screenshot of the amateur video

In the trending video, a young woman, in a towel was seen on the receiving end with others throwing punches on her.

The woman was attacked

The audible bits from the amateur video indicated that the women attacked the one for sleeping with a man they named Panaito. She, in turn, protested saying,”Mimi sijalala na Panaito.” (I have not slept with Panaito)

She said she had not slept with the man in question

The victim pleaded with her attackers begging them not to break her phone which apparently had been bought by Panaito.

The lady who seemed to have orchestrated the whole ordeal beat the victim while her ‘team’ joined in. Another lady tried defending the victim but received blows too.

Her friend got attacked too

The video, which was first posted by controversial blogger Cyprian is Nyakundi drew so many reactions with many Kenyans on Twitter finding the act hilarious.

Meet the women who Janet Mbugua has been calling "vulnerable" and "marginalised" with her bullshit NGO.

Fighting over a Sponyo.

Despite these bitches setting standards at B-Club and wherever, many of them think, act, talk and reason out like this. Chokoraa's. pic.twitter.com/potwyZoADS— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) January 11, 2018

Nyakundi, who is known for his campaign for the boy child shared the video on his handle, questioning whether the girl child is marginalized and vulnerable as many believe.

Here are some of the reactions the video evoked; 

Panaito is the man of the month— A'temper (@Qalvins) January 12, 2018

when us the boychild learnt how to say a strong NO to slayqueens and stopped fighting over them, now they are bitter and turning againts themselves..we are just watching oooh the eforts of nyakundi bearing fruits, once again thank you so much @C_NyaKundiH— iam.the kenyan boychild???????????? (@folower254) January 11, 2018

All those hits and such mishandling all she can think about is her phone? What about her vital organs?— Wamukuru Kanyiha (@WKanyiha_ke) January 11, 2018

Pesa ni mzuriii. Inafanya fine ndeches wachapane juu yako ???? ???? ???????? Pata pesa... the rest ni auto ka mash!— ? (@afrikandionysus) January 11, 2018

unfortunately that's was the end of our 1st episode. .stay tuned for the 2nd episode #afrocinemacontinues????????????????????— Kennedy (@Kennedy72530229) January 12, 2018

???????????????? but huyu dame hajapigwa vizuri hiyo rusungu ingepotea— Prince of Zamunda (@brayomatoya) January 12, 2018

@C_NyaKundiH guess you're calling them chokoraa's coz they ain't fighting over you!— Single Mums (@mums_single) January 11, 2018

Iyo kuvurugwa kote. Iyo towel imekata kuanguka???????? boychild hatuta kiwi mema.— Swabri Omar ???????? (@swabrie) January 12, 2018

Where can i get the full video , i have a feeling its a little bit longer ????— Elvis Nj (@Elviss_nj) January 12, 2018

Another lesson for men here,if you have enough money she will stay & actually fight other women with a pack of 3-4 women????
And if you also do too good at that cash game,youre not going stay around this world for long— strange.Tamer (@NickOchenge) January 12, 2018

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