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OPINION: To stop road carnage Michuki rules should be revived
By Samuel Wangari | Updated Jan 12, 2018 at 13:23 EAT
Past accident scene [PHOTO: COURTESY]
  • Many Kenyans have lost their lives in car crashes in the past two months
  • The solution to ending road carnage in Kenya lies in regulating road users
  • The easiest way to end this menace is by re-enacting Michuki rules which had minimised the number of car crashes on Kenyan roads

December holiday was a shocking one many people were filled with fear of traveling due to the accidents on our roads. These accidents, which in most cases happened as a result of reckless driving thus claiming innocent lives and leaving others with severe injuries, should not be taken flippantly and stern action must be imposed on the reckless drivers.

The accident is a great eye-opener about our safety on the road and draws more questions than answers on how skilled our drivers are and whether they care for the passengers they carry.

In my view, stern action should be imposed on the reckless drivers and the Sacco in case the vehicle involved is a Matatu. This will serve as a lesson to those who have the same habit and have not encountered the full wrath of the law.

It is unfortunate when we lose lives every now and then as a result of reckless driving and thus we should stand in unison to condemn the rogue drivers whenever they tend to mess up through overlapping, over speeding, careless overtaking and even it’s our responsibility not to board vehicles when they are full capacity.

It is evident that Matatu drivers have been driving carelessly and we have remained silent not ignoring the danger they pose on our lives, in actual sense, we have allowed them to over speed and do all sorts recklessness at our expense the result is unexpected deaths and severe injuries.

Michuki rules should be re-introduced and should be stricter than they used to be to curb the grisly road accidents.

Traffic police should be extra vigilant on those who break traffic rules and should be taken to court when they defy the law. They should also uphold integrity and carry out their work diligently without taking bribes.

There has been a trend by the drivers that when they go to court they are charged with fines and this has yielded to the reckless driving. After all, the fine is not huge and they will be released hours after paying the bill. Stern and punitive measures should be imposed to curb this menace from happening and also depress those who have the intention.

Corruption on the roads should also stop. Anyone who breaks the law should face the law without sympathy, traffic police who are caught receiving bribes from the drivers should also face the law and probably denied off their duties permanently.

As we mourn the deaths of innocent lives and also empathize with those who were injured during the December holidays, let us all join hands to stop this menace from happening again in our roads, we don’t know who will be the victim in the next time, let us all speak out and report all the reckless drivers and hope traffic police will now act responsibly.

We are tired of losing our loved ones out of reckless drivers; let the action be done with immediate effect.

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