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Narrow escape for Chelsea’s Conte as his car gets smashed up in terrifying training ground incident
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jan 12, 2018 at 10:37 EAT
Chelsea boss Antonio Conte (INSET) - His Nissan

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte's car was smashed up at the club's training ground yesterday

A gust of wind blew off a glass table top which fell on Conte's vehicle

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte escaped danger after a glass table top at the team’s training ground was blown off a roof terrace and crashed down on his Nissan Juke.

According to The Sun Football, the glass table top was forced off by strong winds, narrowly missing one of the club’s officials on its way down.

Chelsea Director of Communications Steve Atkins is said to have been present when the glass table top fell.

An insider spoke to The Sun and said Atkins was walking past the Italian’s car when the glass table top fell, almost injuring him. He added that Atkins was pretty frightened since pieces of glass flew everywhere.

“You see Steve walk right past Antonio’s car, then suddenly this massive square of glass hurtles out of nowhere and down on to it at frightening speed, sending thousands of tiny pieces flying everywhere,” said the informant.

While this was happening, Conte was busy training the players at the Cobham base.

Chelsea were held to a goalless draw by Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in the Carabao Cup Semi-final and will get a replay at the Emirates. 

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