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TWITTER WAR: Miguna and Aukot in heated exchange over ‘Shadow Cabinet’
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jan 12, 2018 at 10:13 EAT
Miguna Miguna (left) and Dr Ekuru Aukot

Thirdway alliance Party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot says plans are underway to form a shadow cabinet

NRM General Miguna Miguna blasted Aukot, saying the idea was first Raila's

Self-proclaimed Opposition leader and also the head of Thirdway Alliance Party Dr. Ekuru Aukot announced that plans were underway to form a 22-member ‘shadow cabinet’.

The Opposition outfit plans to use the cabinet to keep President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government in check as his fierce rival Raila Odinga moots his own swearing-in.

His plans on forming a parallel government, however, did not go down well with National Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna, who blasted the Thirdway Alliance leader for copying tactics of ODM and NASA leader Raila Odinga.

“We are getting ready to run government and President Uhuru Kenyatta must know that we shall not only be criticizing his government but also offering alternative solutions to the problems facing Kenyans and require government intervention,” said Aukot.

He then called on Kenyans to submit their CV’s – apply for the shadow cabinet positions.

Miguna, on his Twitter, took on Aukot, accusing him of copying Raila Odinga’s tactics.

My friend @EAukot has become a copycat. He heard that @RailaOdinga intends to unveil a parallel cabinet before he rushed to "appoint" his "shadow cabinet." Being original and honest are virtues. Copy pasting other people's ideas aren't endearing qualities. Be original, chief!— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MigunaMiguna) January 11, 2018

In response, Aukot told Miguna that the formation of a parallel government was Thirdway alliance’s idea back in 2016.

Your memory may have failed you the man from Nyando. Go back to last year during the presidential debates and you will recall the original idea of a shadow cabinet came from @ThirdwayKenya. I thought You were an "independent" until you became a "general". Be original, chief! https://t.co/sY8miQERJP— #OneNation (@EAukot) January 12, 2018

After Raila Odinga withdrew from the October 26 presidential poll, Aukot saw it fit to declare himself Opposition leader. The idea of a shadow cabinet was also pushed by Raila last year as Kenyans waited for his much-delayed swearing-in. 

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