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NEW CRIME ALERT: Viral photos of needle placed on bus seat sparks uproar on social media
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jan 11, 2018 at 10:24 EAT
Syringe placed on bus seat

Kenyans are up in arms on social media after a picture showing a syringe strategically placed on a bus seat went viral

Kenya Bus Management tweeted about the photo, warning Kenyans to be extra cautious when taking seats on local buses

A viral photo of a needle placed on a bus seat has driven Kenyans on social media mad.

According to a post on Facebook, in an open group –MATATU GALORE, Lee Elly posted a picture of what appeared to be a needle viciously placed on a bus seat with the aim of pricking whoever dared to sit.

The post’s popularity was later escalated when Kenya Bus Management snipped the post and posted it on their Twitter page.

NEW CRIME ALERT IN BUSES (PSVs) share with your friend. Look before you seat please. pic.twitter.com/Hh71KBDR2A— Kenya Bus Management (@KenyaBusLtd) January 10, 2018

Through the post, the management sought to create awareness about a new crime wave in Nairobi, asking Kenyans to be cautious whenever taking their seats on a bus.

Lee’s Facebook post read:

“KENYANS WILL ALWAYS REMAIN EVIL. This is a seat of matatu operating in Nairobi City. This seat is fitted with a syringe containing an unknown substance, definitely a poisonous one. The syringe is strategically placed in a way that it directly fins a place in your butt to prick and release the chemical into your system.

Once the chemical gets into your system, it makes you unconscious and throws you into a blackout. The chemical reacts fast that you won’t have time to shout for help. The action is reflex and happens in microseconds. It is after this that the ‘project admins’ will do whatever they want with you and you can imagine all that. You are therefore advised to watch the seats before laying your butts on them.”

Lee seems to suggest that the new crime wave in town involved the use of syringes laced with poison placed on bus seats.

Though it is still unknown if it is indeed a new crime tactic, Kenyans’ responses on social media paint a different picture of the idea, with most people arguing that the photo was not taken in Kenya.

Some even argue that the whole story is fake. 

Others, however, have condemned the bus management authorities and asked them to make client security a priority.

This picture was taken from the internet si ya huku Kenya. Guys verify information before you repost..— King (@KMeja) January 10, 2018

Be that as it may, we would like to be on high alert and ask our customers to do the same. Thank you for the efforts.— Kenya Bus Management (@KenyaBusLtd) January 11, 2018

Why does this sound so fake? How? Just everything, how?— gitaugracegg (@Gracegitaugg) January 11, 2018

Matatu Drivers and conductors help this people so how will we be safe if they are all helping each other. Give us a solution.— Myra ???????? (@i_aim_tyga) January 10, 2018

This is noted however what are you doing from your end to curb this,its more of your job— Mr. Nicholus Muthui (@Nicholus_Muthui) January 10, 2018

Christ Jesus!
This is too much now!— Wanjiku gathura (@LauraShiku) January 11, 2018

what if matatu (psv) saccos were tasked to ensure security of clients,while in the vehicles and boarding stations?— Solo (@_smugo) January 10, 2018

...I think it's you who know the criminals better to act faster than your clients— max ocholla (@Mexocholla) January 10, 2018

Where did we go wrong as a nation.
For this to happen then the matatu crew are collaborating with the crime doing guys— jeff Oyowo (@jeffoyowo) January 10, 2018

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