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Reactions after Norman Magaya failed to make it to EALA
By Fay Ngina | Updated Dec 15, 2017 at 15:51 EAT
NASA CEO Norman Magaya
  • Nine representatives have already been elected to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) 
  • NASA CEO Norman Magaya failed to be elected to the EALA

The nine representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) have already been elected. Among the nine elected to the EALA is National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Odinga and other legislators Nasa co-principal and Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his son Kennedy Musyoka.

Other representatives who made it to EALA were Simon Mbugua, Mpuru Aburi, Fatuma Ali, Abdikadir Aden, Florence Jematiah, Mohammed Nooru and Charles Nyachae.

Earlier, NASA had nominated a list of 12 people who included, Kennedy Musyoka, Kalonzo Musyoka, Nasa CEO Norman Magaya, former MPs Abdikadir Mohammed (Mbalambala) and Fatuma Ibrahim (Wajir Woman Rep), Winfred Mutua, Justus Mochoge, Angela Munyasya, Loy Maviala, Abubakar Zain, Beth Mutunga and Jane Marwa.

However, there are mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media as to why NASA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Norman Magaya was not elected.

Here is what some of them had to say;

Beth Mugo is representing the youths in the Senate. Oburu Odinga is representing the youth in EALA. Let Norman Magaya wait for his turn as youth KNUT Kiambu MCAs.

— Frank Nzai (@IdewaFrank) December 15, 2017

Democracy is when you appoint your brother for a state job and leave Norman Magaya just because he has been lazing around as the NASA CEO— dieno (@dieno254) December 15, 2017

NASA crew in a glass house young and visionary Norman Magaya gets hit by the stone.
EALA list lacks merit and becomes a payback
Oburu Odinga for EALA is a joke.#HangOutFriday— TRUE KENYAN™ (@PaulSmart_254) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya deserves a bigger post than EALA,he has done a lot for NASA

— TAITA TAVETA news (@TaitaNews) December 15, 2017

If Raila has total faith in Norman Magaya, why did he nominate his 83 year old brother Oburu to EALA. The nomination was the end of the game. Smh ODM should end already.— John Nyiggih (@JNyiggih) December 15, 2017

Politicians play everyone...That includes fellow politicians ...Look at "Norman Magaya"... Kenyans lets never fight against each other because of them.— Dkauneblog (@de_kaune) December 15, 2017

if Norman magaya was not elected to Eala but kalonzo's son and raila's bro countrymen just know people protect their own and uplift them u just take tear gas and police rungu thats your reward— Chief juniour (@DavidKimwei) December 15, 2017

Rails says he stands with youth and gender balance while at the same time he vote a youthful leader like Norman magaya out just to vote old oburu in thank God he will never rule this country— Mulwa Neymar Jr ???????? (@mulwa_joe) December 15, 2017

Kudos NASA MPs for not picking Norman Magaya for the EALA slot.we need his fearless tackles at jubilee in this revolutionary times.Joshua just needs a Moses incase he gets so tired and Norman exudes the traits that we all desire.His age is also a bombshell— Erick Atitwa (@AtitwaGmail) December 15, 2017

NASA is no place for youths, ask Norman Magaya,,How can that old folk even know a single thing about youths— Lud (@Lud_ent) December 15, 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta nominated his cousin Beth Mugo to Senate. Kalonzo pushed for his son Kennedy Kalonzo for EALA seat, and Raila Odinga pushed for Oburu Odinga's EALA post against youthful Norman Magaya. Let's not pretend. Kenyan Political parties are Family Companies.— Agot Bonface (@agot_bonface) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya , we know what happened, both political divide gang up against you, reasons being your political stand not NASA, you have a chance @amugira— Jacob Abere Matlala (@JacobAbere) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya amechezwa roho safi. After tireless & fearless defending NASA on both legal and political fronts, cartels have smoked him out. Lesson: Politics has no morals— Makokha (@wanyamamakokha) December 15, 2017

The bitter truth that Norman Magaya knew is that ODM,and by extension NASA iko na wenyewe.Rem what we did to Magarer Langat.It is the Odingas and odinga dynasty.— Tom Otieno (@Tom_Otieno254) December 15, 2017

I think @Asamoh_ is learning something from Norman Magaya's betrayal.ODM cares not about it's youth who camp here daily defending baba. Sad!— John Nyiggih (@JNyiggih) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya has a bright future. It better to lose because jubilee fears you that win because they love you. Norman has a bright future and I can say without any doubt that Raila Odinga has total faith in him.— Hon Lee Makwiny (@leemakwiny) December 15, 2017

What Nasa has done to "Norman Magaya" is a reflection of the different mindsets between politicians and technocrats. Politicians will always take care of their own at the expense of other people without any regard to the job at hand.— Joseph Owuor (@JosephOwuor4) December 15, 2017

If ODM can betray such a bright mind like Norman Magaya who fiercely fought for NASA, just imagine if RAO won the presidency? Any youthful being loyal to Baba must think again! Sad.— John Nyiggih (@JNyiggih) December 15, 2017

Kudos NASA MPs for not taking Norman Magaya to EALA.we need him more in NASA as the CEO for he is the principled guy that we have always wanted at a time of revolutionary moments like this.Magaya God had to keep you there for the next events— Erick Atitwa (@AtitwaGmail) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya thought Nasa would actually vote for him and leave Oburu And Kennedy out For heaven sake @CoalitionNasaKE is a Family Affair.— Reuben Reuben (@rud_rube) December 15, 2017

Someone's Arguing That Jubilee MPs Should Take Blame For The Election Of Oburu Odinga To EALA Instead Of Norman Magaya, Which Makes Sense But Who Nominated Oburu? Did Jubilee Nominate Him?— Kenyan Patriot (@TheLoyalist_KE) December 15, 2017

Am suprised that Norman Magaya has not filed a petition to have the bunge servers opened— Manyara (@p_manyara) December 15, 2017

We as young people should have a problem with Jubilee and NASA for voting old people like Oburu Odinga and Beth Mugo at the expense of young leaders like Norman Magaya. Youth belongs to Kenya and not a coalition.— GODHARD G. KAMAU (@GODHARDKAMAU) December 15, 2017

How come NASA MPs voted overwhelmingly for old geezer Oburu Odinga and neglected youthful and intelligent Norman Magaya? How come NASA never tipped anyone from larger Gusii region for EALA nomination? We shall revisit— Bertrophers Machoka (@bertrophers) December 15, 2017

Norman Magaya squarely deserved the elective post to the EALA instead of Oburu. This man (Magaya) was an engine propelor of Nasa upto its current level.— Lud Ngaywa (@lud_ngaywa) December 15, 2017

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