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Bishop's overzealous bodyguards terrorise Nairobi motorists at night
By Grapevine | Updated Dec 13, 2017 at 13:01 EAT
Nairobi motorists have had enough of a notorious B

Nairobi motorists have had enough of a notorious Bishop

It is said the Bishop's bodyguards terrorize people in the CBD at night

Yesterday we told you about a renowned preacher whose entourage was giving city motorists a nightmare.

Well, it seems the man of collar excesses as he moves around is not felt by motorists alone.

Several other members of the public have narrated to Grapevine how they harassed on Nairobi streets by the Bishops overzealous bodyguards.

One man explained that he was kicked out of a shop in Kimathi street to pave way for the man of God who wanted to go shopping.

Another man who was walking along Moi Avenue was shoved out of the way by the burly Bishops guards, who were stationed outside a premise owned by the preacher’s personal tailor.

 Maybe the Bishop now urgently needs to engage the services of a personal assistant.

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