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MPs vow to oppose Rift PS's nomination even if President Uhuru retains him
By Grapevine | Updated Dec 06, 2017 at 07:51 EAT
President Uhuru Kenyatta [PHOTO: COURTESY]

MPs have vowed to reject nomination a Principal Secretary over what they term as high handedness

The PS may be in for a rude shock should he be nominated

A Principal Secretary (PS) in one of the infrastructural ministries maybe in for a rude shock should President Uhuru Kenyatta decides to retain him.

This is after MPs vowed to do a ‘Monica Juma’ to him (reject his nomination the way they did when the President nominated Monica as Secretary to cabinet in 2015) over what they term as high handedness.

The legislator claims the PS who hails from the Rift Valley region has the habit of keeping them at the waiting room for hours on end and either sees them briefly or sneaks through the back door to avoid them.

And even when he sees them, all the promises/commitments are never met.

And now, the MPs say it’s time to show the PS who the real boss is.

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