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Heartfelt letter to Raila Odinga that you will read all day
By Brightstar Kasyoka | Updated Nov 29, 2017 at 12:29 EAT
NASA leader Raila Odinga in a past event
  • This is a letter to NASA leader Raila Amollo Odinga

Dear Raila Odinga

As a realist, I expected you to pull a surprise move and stop President Uhuru's swearing-in. But now that it has happened, I have no choice but to start embracing the reality. It was so difficult for you to deal with Uhuruto even when they were caretakers (election period) so it will be more difficult now that they are legally sworn in. Maybe something can be done, but it's going to be tricky and power will be exercised to frustrate you (It has already started with the coverage.)

I don't know your next plans but whatever they are may God direct them. You will still remain to be my hero regardless of everything and regardless of the choices you make from today onwards. Every time I will be going through something difficult and I feel I cannot hold on any longer I will be seeing/remembering you and the many battles you've fought and how you are still surviving and I will be telling myself, 'if Raila never gave up, then you won't Brightstar. You shall fight.’

You inspired me to love politics as a kid because I used to pity your life story, but today you inspire me to stand for what I want because I have grown and I can understand even if not fully the surroundings around me.

You are the perfect example I will give to my children if God keeps me alive. That in Kenya there lived a man who stood for what he believed in even when he went through so many tribulations. Who was jailed, beaten, hated, betrayed, denied presidency openly in 2007, in 2013 you said the election was stolen but abided by the Supreme Court decision, lost a son who was meant to be the heir, boycotted elections in 2017 because they were no reforms and he still could afford a smile. If that man made it and survived against all odds, then so can my child. So you can stand up in class and tell the teacher no to what you don't believe in even if you are chased away from school, so can you shine and fight for people's rights even when you may not be rewarded because you may be considered a threat to those who control the economy.

I love you Raila. The love that any daughter has for her father. A daughter never cares what the world says about her dad, whether he is called names, whether he is rejected, despised, denied something or not. But she still believes he is the best and she still believes in his visions and dreams even when the current happenings tend to make them seem far-fetched. She adores him and wants to be great for him. That's how I will always see Raila. You will remain a source of inspiration for a very long time, whether you are declared President or not.

To everyone who was affected negatively in this period, may God strengthen you. At the end, they say leadership comes from God so may His will prevail.


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