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Why NASA still insists on swearing in Raila Odinga despite Supreme Court ruling
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 10:17 EAT
NASA leaders during a previous rally
  • NASA communications director Norman Magaya said that they still have the option of swearing in Raila Odinga as president
  • He said this hours after the Supreme Court upheld the October repeat election

National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya on Monday 20 November said that they have a range of options and swearing in Raila Odinga is of them.

Mr Magaya said this hours after the Supreme Court dismissed the two petitions filed challenging president Uhuru’s victory on the October 26 Presidential petitions.

“As I have said, we have a range of options in our hands and swearing in Hon. Raila is one of our options of the table. It has been considered robustly and I can tell you that when the right time comes, the country will be informed,” said Norman Magaya.

“Jubilee will go on with what they believe is right for them to do and NASA will go with what we believe is right for us to do. We’re enjoying the best momentum of our time at the moment. We have Kenyans solemnly behind us, so the question of losing momentum not there,” he continued.

Raila Odinga’s long-term advisor Salim Lone also said that they consider the government as ‘illegitimate’ and therefore do not recognize it. He also went ahead and said that they are not surprised by the Supreme Court's ruling. 

“We in NASA had repeatedly declared before this Supreme Court ruling today that we consider this government to be illegitimate and do not recognize it. This position has not been changed by the Court ruling, which did not come as a surprise. It was a decision taken under duress. We do not condemn the Court, we sympathize with it. The Court today met under severely constrained circumstances, having failed to raise a quorum over serious security concerns following the shooting and wounding of the Deputy Chief Justice’s driver/bodyguard before a crucial pre-October 26th election hearing. As such, the Court’s decision today could not possibly legitimize an illegitimate government whose president had publicly accused the Court of having carried out a “coup” by annulling his election and threatened to “fix” the justices once he was back in power,” read the statement by Salim Lone.

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