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We do not take instructions from you, Miguna harshly responds to President Kenyatta's tweet
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 19, 2017 at 11:19 EAT
Miguna responded to President Uhuru
  • Miguna Miguna harshly responded to President Uhuru's tweet when the latter said that his government will not allow individuals to destroy the country due to selfish gains.
  • The president made these remarks during the late Governor Wahome Gakuru's final send-off.
  • Miguna answered back by telling the President that the Constitution is not made up for individuals. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta on November 18 declared that his government will not allow a few individuals to destroy the country in attempts to satisfy selfish political ambitions.

He said that Kenya is governed by the Constitution and the rule of law that every Kenyan has a duty to abide by irrespective of their station in society.

He made this remarks during Nyeri’s late Governor Wahome Gakuru’s funeral. Uhuru had joined many other leaders in paying tribute to Wahome who died in a road crash on November 7.

This was just a day after National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters clashed with the police when they were stopped from getting into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. They had marched all the way to the airport to welcome leader Raila Odinga back from his 10-day trip to the United States.

Several people lost their lives during the incident which lasted a good part of the day. Up to now, speculations on what could have killed the supports are going on with police denying any use of live bullets.

The president then tweeted this message on his Twitter account accompanied by pictures of the event.

I will not allow a few individuals who are out to satisfy their selfish political ambition to destroy Kenya https://t.co/rJkmjeXcrp pic.twitter.com/y4Q5SjLKZt— Uhuru Kenyatta (@UKenyatta) November 18, 2017

His tweet captured the attention of many tweeps who responded both in support and in disagreement.

The sheer irony of this statement makes it difficult for me to say much.

— Gathoni (@I_am_Gathoni) November 18, 2017

Its you @UKenyatta who want to destroy Kenya. But trust me this time you will never be the president of Republic of Kenya.— #Jimmy Wanjigi (@jimmy_wanjig) November 18, 2017

By studying the late Barbara Kimenye's literary work ~ Pretty Boy Beware, you'll not only expand your 'juvenile scope' of perceiving Kenya tourism from the blue boy lenses of 'Yes Sir infamy,' but also interrogate issues in your industry before tweeting #Resist #railareturns— Singh (@DumeSingh) November 18, 2017

We support your peaceful resilience.— Governor Dr Laboso (@LabosoJoyce) November 18, 2017

Big up my President for staying humble all through out?..show this goons how a real leader handles issues?— Davi Spicer (@davi_spicer) November 18, 2017

Mr President!!.... I think u well know that Kenya is not Uganda!!... I guess you can qualify ur statement 2 the later....!!.. I only pray 4 peace... But intimidating the opposition won't work...— Muchiga (@MMuchiga) November 18, 2017

One tweet, however, beat them all. Former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna fired back at the President asking him who he is to instruct Kenyans on what to do or to.

Miguna who recently announced his support for NASA, now National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been vocal against the government in the recent past.

Who are you to tell us what we can or cannot do? Our constitutional rights are not given by any individuals; they are inherent & inalienable. Do you understand what that means or I should break it down like I would to my 12-year old? We are coming for you. #Resist #railareturns https://t.co/h8hTkDMaqB— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MigunaMiguna) November 18, 2017

Miguna’s outburst too did not go unnoticed. Kenyans on Twitter responded to him, some for him and others against him.

The only achievement miguna has had in Kenya politics is to hide behind keyboards of cheap Chinese phones and yap, yap and yap. How disgraceful.— Kastone (@Kastone_Paul93) November 18, 2017

Am just wondering.. you mentioned that you have a 12year old. How would you bring her up and not the same way you did to the one who sells Nudes? And btw she had dropped another bunch recently— Njoki Ndung'u (@Njokii_Ndungu) November 18, 2017

You are right Dr...????????????????— Noel Noah (@NoelNoah9) November 18, 2017

Don't leave me behind when you go for him.We are waiting for your orders general— bromic ouma (@MCA_CHAPCHAP) November 18, 2017

Interesting that this is coming from someone who only managed 0.64%— John (@JMK4838) November 19, 2017

Tell him Dr. Miguna— KICHE KENNEDY ???????? (@KicheKennedy) November 18, 2017

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